What is a Society Housekeeper

A Society Housekeeper is a trained and experienced professional who ensures that your homes and belongings are meticulously maintained at all times. The skills required by a top-tier Housekeeper encompass the full scope of traditional and modern domestic care. Society Housekeepers are the industry’s best with a guarantee to provide only the utmost level of service worldwide. In addition to caring for your home with precise expertise--including your art, antiques, wardrobes and personal belongings—a Society Housekeeper can also prepare meals, care for your children and pets, and communicate fluently in any languages you require.


Society Housekeeper will provide you with an experienced Housekeeper anywhere in the world. Alternatively, we can arrange for a multi-lingual Housekeeper to accompany you on all of your travels. The Housekeepers are equipped to assist you with multiple estates or a large move if needed.


All Society Housekeepers understand the need for absolute discretion, and treat the privacy of clients with complete confidentiality at all times.

- Profiled Housekeeper -

Throughout the ages, the traditional domestic Housekeeper has been regarded as the epitome of order, organization and elegance. Today, the expertise held by the top Housekeepers in the industry include not only the classic notions of domestic service; but also the wherewithal to manage smart-home technology, tutor children in Mandarin, or prepare a gluten-free meal. The profiled Housekeeper is a position that is tailored to each client’s specific requirements and promises to provide 100% satisfaction.

  • Who we are

    Our company executives and staff teams around the world have extensive experience in hospitality, travel, hotels and domestic service. We employ a combination of office support staff and freelance professionals, all of whom are chosen for their top of the line training, previous work experience, exemplary customer service abilities, and their ability to focus on clients’ specific desires.

  • Our Policy

    We treat the privacy of our clients with complete confidentiality and discretion. All contact information is retained for private communication alone. We believe in excellent company governance and transparency in every aspect of our business operations.